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The silk coloured portrait of wife of Takatsugu Kyogoku

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H11.April 23@Prefecture Cultural Property Asama, Obama city Jyoukouji Rinzai sect Myoushinji mission

Moving the Seiunji to down in northwest of the foot of Nochise mountain and build a new temple, that is the Jyoukouji. The founder is Eisho woman priest, so called Jyoukouin.

She was the second of three princesses of Oichinokata, the sister of Nobunaga Oda and the daughter of Nagamasa Azai. Her older sister is Yodogiminokata, and her younger sister is Kotokunokata, the wife of Hidetada Tokugawa and the mother of Iemitsu.

She was married with Takatsugu Kyogoku by the mediation of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. She was told that she roused people when the Otsu castle was surrounded in the war of Sekigahara and contributed Takatsugu's distinguished war services. She is also famous for that after she moved to Wakasa Han, she tried to make every effort for the peace settlement in the summer battle of Osaka.

She entered a nunnery after her husband, Takatsugu, died. She built this temple for praying the repose of his dead and Zen.

This portrait describes her so well.

It is a precious portrait as there is no protrait of Yodogimi.

It is 117.7cm long and 51.5cm wide